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Year of Production
Angelo Loy
DV Cam
80 min

Black Pinocchio

by Angelo Loy


Marco Baliani, actor, writer and theatre director, goes to Kenya with the idea of rehabilitating a group of street kids through the theatre. The documentary describes nearly three years of this journey at the end of which the street kids will leave Nairobi for the first time in their lives to represent their version of Pinocchio in the west. The experiences of the kids during these three years follow the experiences of the story in parallel. When we first meet them they seem like pieces of wood, a group of street kids that survive in one of the many Nairobi discharges. They have no identity, overcome by hunger, abuse, intoxicated by glue. Their conquest of normality goes past a series of tests and decisions. Their recovery is a journey of knowledge. Like Pinocchio’s.

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  • Director Angelo Loy
  • Story Angelo Loy
  • Cinematography Angelo Loy
  • Editor Aline Hervè
  • Live Sound Gianluca Costamagna
  • Sound editor Giuseppe Napoli
  • Organization Chiara Cordaro, Paola Pegoraro, Filippo Pichi
  • Production Indigo Film, Amref Italia
  • With the support of Media Plan of the European Community
  • In collaboration with National Geographic
  • Produced by Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano

Festival Participations

  • Locarno International Film Festival
  • One World International Human Rights Film Festival
  • Premio Libero Bizzarri
  • International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
  • Riccione TVV Festival