Ask Dad

  • Format & Factual
  • Production year 2015
  • Length 10x50' + 1x100’ min.
  • Genre Docureality
  • Release Date January 2016 - RAI 3


What happens in a family if Mum is taken away for a holiday and Dad is required to play his role without any outside help?
Following a request for help from an exasperated mother, the producers of the programme take the delighted women to a luxurious spa hotel, and for five days, follows the dad in his natural environment, left alone with his children.
Dad will have to organise himself to do all the things he has never done before on his own, from simply accompanying his children to school to homework at night, from shopping at the discount supermarket to telling a good-night story, from the obligatory shower to a crazy shopping trip for clothes in a mall on Saturday afternoon.


Concept by Francesco Uccello

Ivan Cotroneo, Giulia Gianni, Alessandro Rossi, Francesco Uccello
In collaboration with Irene Tommasi
Directed by Giovanni Piperno, Margherita Ferri, Cristian Natoli
Produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori,
Ivan Cotroneo
Delegated Producer Marica Gungui
Delegated Producer Rai Carlotta Zanini
Director of photography Simone D’onofrio
Editing Michele Castelli, Emanuelle Cedrangolo, Daria Di Mauro,
Luca Bellino (Per Tfilm)
Sound Valeria Cocuzza, Maximilien Gobiet, Marco Cecotto,
Francesco Morosini

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