by Massimo Coppola

  • Documentaries
  • Production year 2007
  • Length 60’ min.
  • Format beta dg


Luciano Bianciardi (1922-1971) was one of the most influential writers and journalists of the 1960s. An intellectual by trade, he was obsessed with women, his typewriter and television. He moved to Milan during the city’s economic boom with a mission to accomplish in memory of the miners of his region (the Maremma) who were killed by firedamp: stage a revolution.  He was inexorably crushed by the machinery of  Italy’s triumphant cultural industry and died of alcoholism at 49 years old, abandoned by everyone.
Bianciardi! Is a journey between Grosseto, Rome, Rapallo and Milan, to listen to the voices of those who shared the writer’s “real” bitter life. Starting with his partner, Maria Jatosti, for whom he dumped his wife and children and ran away to Milan; to his daughter Luciana, with whom he was able to rekindle a tender and dramatic relationship in the last years of his life. We also hear from his editors, his old friends in Grosseto, those of a bohemian Milan and those from his days in exile in Rapallo, his escape from Milan which had “welcomed him with open arms”—as Maria Jatosti remembers—but which he did not love, if anything he despised”.


Director Massimo Coppola
Story ad Screenplay Massimo Coppola e Alberto Piccinini
Images Giovanni Giommi
Editing Giogiò Franchini e Latino Pellegrini
Sound Alberto Fasulo
Produced by Massimo Coppola, Giacomo Papi, Nicola Giuliano e Francesca Cima
Associate Producer Luca Fanfani
Production Indigo film e ISBN Milano films
In Association with Mercurio Cinematografica


Luciano Bianciardi
Franco Franciardi
Florido Rosati
Giovanni Campolongo
Adalberto Minucci
Umberto Lenzi
Maria Jatosto
Mario Dondero
Sergio Pautasso
Carlo Ripa Di Meana
Enrico Vaime
Carlo Lizzani
Furio Cavallini
Ettore Sardo
Luciana Bianciardi


64 Venice International Film Festival (Venice Days)
Roma Film Festival
MI-Cine: Cine Italiano de Milan
Festival Cinematográfico Internacional de Uruguay
DOC in Tour
Italia Film Fest - Concorso Documentari