by Eros Puglielli

  • Film
  • Production year 1999
  • Length 75’ min.
  • Format 35mm


Ruggero, an eighteen year-old from the Roman suburbs, left by his girlfrend Anna because he is too short, doesn’t give up and continues calling her. Every time he gets the same answer, “Anna is sleeping”. He then decides to go with his friend Michele to wait for her outside her house, but he must enter the council block controlled by the infamous Riccio brothers. In reality it’s a single crazy hooligan who doubles as two ferocious twins and is Anna’s current boyfriend. After various attempts that don’t work out,  Ruggero thinks he has given up but his friend Michele makes him take a dose of a drug, Monaco 2, that helps youngsters overcome their complexes. When Ruggero, transformed in a sort of suburban  Mazinga, is about to defeat the Riccio brothers, Anna intervenes to defend them. At this point we discover an unexpected truth which leads Ruggero to hide in his dreams.


Subject Eros Puglielli
Screenplay Cristiano Callegaro, Eros Pugliellieditor Marco Calvitti
Music Riccardo Mancini
Produced by Francesca Cima and Nicola Giuliano
Associate Producers Eros Puglielli, Cristiano Callegaro, Marco Calvitti
Distribution Lucky Red
Broadcast on Telepiù


Anna Bastoni
Federico Calisti
Cristiano Callegaro
Alessio Muzi
Vincenzo Ribaudo


Bellaria Film Festival

Photo Gallery