by Sergio Castellitto

  • Film
  • Production year 2017
  • Length 103’ min.
  • Format 4K, DCP


Fortunata has a difficult life, she’s the mother of an eight year old daughter with a failed marriage behind her. She works as a hairdresser in people’s houses, leaving from the outskirts to cross the city, going to the homes of the well-off to do women’s hair. Fortunata fights every day with determination to achieve her dream: opening her own salon and challenging fate, in an attempt to emancipate herself and gain her independence and the right to some happiness. She knows that to achieve her dreams she has to be firm: she has thought of everything, she is ready for anything, but she had not considered the variable of love, the one subversive force capable of sweeping aside every certainty. Also because, perhaps for the first time, someone looks at her as the woman she is and truly loves her.


Direction Sergio Castellitto
Story and Screenplay Margaret Mazzantini
Screenplay Assistants Francesca Manieri, Sergio Castellitto
Photography Gian Filippo Corticelli
Editing Chiara Vullo
Music Arturo Annecchino
Set Design Luca Merlini
Costumes Isabella Rizza
Sound Alessandro Rolla 
Make Up Maurizio Fazzini
Hair Mauro Tamagnini
Produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori, Viola Prestieri
A Production by Indigo Film
In Association with Ht Film
And with Alien Produzioni
With a Contribution from Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività  Culturali e del Turismo
Direzione Generale per il Cinema
With the Support of Regione Lazio Fondo Regionale per il Cinema e l’audiovisivo
Distribution Universal Pictures
International Sales True Colours


Jasmine Trinca
Stefano Accorsi
Alessandro Borghi
Edoardo Pesce
Nicole Centanni
Hanna Schygulla


Jasmine Trinca - Best Actress, Official Selection Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2017
Nastri D’argento 2017
Jasmine Trinca - Best Actress
Alessandro Borghi - Best Supporting Actor
Alessandro Rolla – Best Sound
David Di Donatello 2018
Jasmine Trinca - Best Actress


Official Selection un Certain Regard - Cannes 2017
Filmfest München 2017, Germania
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017, Repubblica Ceca
Annecy Cinema Italien 2017, Francia
Cine Italiano! – Cinema Italian Style A Hong Kong 2017, Hong Kong
Cairo International Film Festival 2017, Egitto
Chicago International Film Festival 2017, Usa
Denver Film Festival 2017, Usa
Cinéalma- L’âme de La Méditerranée 2017, Francia
Cinema Italian Style- Seattle 2017, Usa
Cinema Italian Style- Los Angeles 2017, Usa
Festival del Cinema Italiano di Ajaccio 2017, Francia
Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt 2017, Francia
Denver Film Festival 2017, Usa
Incontri Del Cinema Italiano Di Tolosa 2017, Francia, Avant-Premières
Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2017, Australia
Mittelcinemafest – Festival Centro-Europeo Del Cinema Italiano 2017, Ungheria
Mostra de Cinema Italià de Barcelona 2017, Spagna
Mostra Internacional de Cinema 2017, Brasile
Nice New Italian Cinema Events Festival 2017, Usa
Rencontres Du Cinéma Italien de Grenoble 2017, Francia
Settimana del Cinema Contemporaneo Italiano - Turchia 2017, Turchia
Warsaw International Filmfest 2017, Polonia
Napoli Film Festival 2017, Italia, Screening

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