by Bruno Memoli

  • Shorts
  • Production year 2001
  • Length 15’ min.
  • Format Beta Digitale / Colore


Houston 2003-Six organs transplanted on the sole and unknown surviver of an aeroplane disaster.  But to save him a heart is still needed, seventh and last organ necessary to the United States to re-conquer the world record of transplants. The anxious wait of the entire nation ends with the availability of the heart of a wanted. who died during a car chase with the Police. Heart substituted, record reached, patient saved and America rejoices. But a terrible discovery will reveal that the transplanted miracle man was in reality condemned to die, he had evaded a few days earlier from the Houston prison…


Subject e Screenplay Bruno Memoli
Photography Alessandro Abate, Silvia Falanga, Lello Di Rella
Musica Pasquale Catalano
Editor Bruno Memoli e Aline Hervè
Sound Antonio Farina, Gianfranco Danese
Production INDIGO FILM, Mediterranea Film, Megaris
Distribution Indigo Film
Produced and Organized by Bruno Memoli for Mediterranea Film in collaboration with Nicola Giuliano and Francesca Cima for INDIGO FILM and Paola Capodanno for Megaris.


Bruno Memoli
Vincent Merolla
Carla Romano


Vincitore del Festival Isola del Cinema – Roma
Secondo classificato per l’interpretazione - Sacher Festival


Selected at the Festival Visioni Italiane of Bologna.
Bruno Memoli – 2nd place for his role as “HEARTLESS” at the Sacher Festival.
Winner of the Festival "Isola del Cinema" – Rome
Selected at the Festival Opere Nuove- Bolzano.
Selected at the Festival Filmare Rome.
credits not contractual

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