It happens

by Francesca Mazzoleni

  • Film
  • Production year 2018
  • Length 100’ min.
  • Format 4K, DCP


Succede is the intense diary of emotions, feelings of Margherita (Meg) and her friends, four teenagers who share everything: from a Milano sunrise to a shelter on the roof, blue sneakers, jeans-shirt, the music in the headphones, the school and the first kisses. There is this and much more in Succede: a story of love and friendship in that particular moment of life that is adolescence, when every event is of extreme importance, every emotion is absolute, where the past and the future have no place, only the present exists and has importance.


Director Francesca Mazzoleni
Screenplay Paola Mammini, Francesca Mazzoleni, Pietro Seghetti
Cinematography Valerio Azzali
Scenography Paki Meduri
Costume Designer Andrea Cavalletto
Sound Designer Stefano Campus (Amc)
General Organizer Andrea Passalacqua
Financial Direction Stefano D'avella
Assistant Director Serena Filippone
Editor Ilaria Fraioli (Amc)
Music Lorenzo Tomio
Delegate Producer Marica Gungui
Produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia, Indigo Film, Roman Citizen
with Show Reel
Producers Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori, Luca Elmi
Distribution Warner Bros. Picture
Taken from the Novel "Succede" by Sofia Viscardi Published by Mondadori


Margherita Morchio - Meg
Matilde Passera - Olly
Matteo Oscar Giuggioli - Tom
Brando Pacitto - Sam
Giovanni Anzaldo - Max
Giampiero Judica - Luca
Francesca Inaudi - Ginevra
Mathilde Ilariucci - Stefania
Sabrina Paravicini - Cristina

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