L’Ultimo rimasto in piedi

by Ugo Capolupo

  • Shorts
  • Production year 2001
  • Length 15’ min.
  • Format 35mm, Colore


Giovanni is a former employee of Italsider in Bagnoli. While everyone is pulling the structure apart, he goes against the tide: he picks up, and takes home, pieces of industrial archaeology that would otherwise go lost and destroyed. This is his way of responding to the cancellation of the memory of a great collective experience such as working in an industry.


Subject e Screenplay Riccardo Brun e Ugo Capolupo
Photography Mario Amura
Editor Cristiano Travaglioli
Production/distribution INDIGO FILM
Produced by Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano, Angelo Curti
Broadcast on Sky Autore


Giovanni Capasso
Francesco Saponaro
Toni Laudadio
Giuseppe Piegari
Francesco Costa
Raffaella Pontarelli
Adriana Donnorso


Author prize Italy-France (Torino association Lions).


Lincoln Center-Open Roads: Panorama Best Short at the Festival of Annecy.
Presented in the international shorts selection at MOMA ,New York.
First Prize at the Siena International Film Festival.
Fice Prize at the Festival of Capalbio 2002.
Selected at the Maremetraggio of Trieste.
Selected at the Vila Do Conde (Portugal).
Selected at the Festival of Acea Marina; Napoli Film Festival; Galassia Gutenberg (Naples); University of Ravenna; Twnty years of shorts (Aiace – Torino).
Selected at the Italian Film Festival: London e Helsinky.
Selected at the Sacher Festival.
Selected at the international Festival of Clermont Ferrand; (the only Italian film) present at the exhibition of the European cinema schools (Bologna).
credits not contractual

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