One Man Up

by Paolo Sorrentino

  • Film
  • Production year 2001
  • Length 100’ min.
  • Format 35mm


Two men share the same name, Tony and Antonio Pisapia, the first a pop singer, the second a footballer in the premier league. They have opposite characters but in 1980 both are blessed by fortune and success, even if destiny has turned against them. Tony is accused of sexual harassment, Antonio fractures his knee. Four years later, in 1984, Tony and Antonio’s lights are fading and intermittent. One day Tony and Antonio meet, they stare hard at each other without uttering a word. They understand that they have shared a piece of life. Their reaction to a difficult destiny will be opposite: The surrender of one will lead to the redemption of the other.


Subject Paolo Sorrentino
Screenplay Paolo Sorrentino
Editor Giogiò Franchini
Original Music Pasquale Catalano
Produced by Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano, Kermit Smith (Key Films) and Angelo Curti
Production Indigo Film, Key Films
Distribution Key Films


Toni Servillo
Andrea Renzi
Ninnpi Bruschetta
Peppe Lanzetta
Angela Goodwin
Nello Mascia
Italo Celoro


Nastro d’Argento Best Emerging Director
Ciak d’oro Best Screenplay
Premio Amidei Best Screenplay
Premio Made in Italy Rai International Best Screenplay
Torino Film Festival Dolly d’Oro "Giuseppe de Santis"
Salerno Film Festival "Linea d’Ombra" Award
Buenos Aires International Film Festival Jury Award
Festival di Angers Best Actor
Festival du film italien de Villerupt Best Actor
European Film Festival di Siviglia Best Actor


58 Venice International Film Festival
19 Torino Film Festival
Sao Paolo Film Festival
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Brasilia International Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival
Karlovy Vari International Film Festival
Joenju International Film Festival
open Roads - New York
Festival du Cinéma Italien d'Annecy
Festival Interational du Premier Film d'Annonay
Buenos Aires International Festival of Indipendent Cinema
Festival di Angers
Festival du film italien de Villerupt
Messico City International Contemporary Film Festival
Washington DC Italian Film Festival
Mumbai International Film Festival
Rencontres de Cinéma Européen
Cinéma Européen de Les Arcs
Copenhagen International Film Festival
Italian Film Festival in Scotland
Rencontres du Cinéma Italien de Grenoble
NICE - New Italian Cinema Events
Lincoln Center Open Road

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