Passano i soldati

by Luca Gasparini

  • Documentaries
  • Production year 2001
  • Length 57’ min.
  • Format Dv cam


After the death of his father, Luca Gasparini, a film editor, gains access to an exclusive archive of war memories: his father Carlo had been in war as an alpine for seven years, and had followed France, Albania and the Russian retreat. He was one of the few to return alive after the debacle. In his archive Luca finds diaries, annotations, letters, photographs. That story of far away wars, which had always divided the life and the words of father and son, pushes Luca to learn more: he reads the books on the Russian retreat, those of Nuto Revelli and Mario Rigoni Stern, he goes to meet the two writers (his father was devoted to Rigoni Stern, he had even been to Asiago various times to meet him), he searches for friends and military companion. Eventually he goes to Russia, a thousand kilometres south of Moscow, where fascism had send the Italians to fight and die: at the river Don. Through the interviews to Revelli, Rigoni Stern and some friends of Carlo, the images of the trip to Russia, soviet archive material that had never been seen before, and with music by Massimo Zamboni (already member of CCCP-Fedeli on the line and CSI), the documentary tells the story of the progressive understanding of a son towards his father’s experience: a trip that starts form a complete lack of communication – when he is twenty, in 1977, too huge was the distance was the distance between the visions of the world of sons and fathers – and after a long journey of understanding e manages to overcome different indes and life choices.


Director Luca Gasparini
Screenplay Luca Gasparini
Editor Luca Gasparini
Cinematography Francesco Cavazza, Gherardo Gossi
Music Massimo Zamboni
Sound Giuseppe Napoli
Organization Eugenia Gaglianone (Russia), Chiara Cordaro e Elisabetta Gioia (Italia)
Production Indigo Film
Produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima


Nuto Revelli
Mario Rigoni Stern
Nardo Caprioli


Mediterraneo Video Festival Best Documentary


59 Torino Film Festival
Los Angeles Cinema and Technology Film Festival
Bergamo Film Meeting
N.I.C.E. (New Italian Cinema Events)
Maremma Doc Festival

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