Pesci Combattenti

by Andrea D'ambrosio, Daniele Di Biasio

  • Documentaries
  • Production year 2002
  • Length 75’ min.
  • Format 35mm, Colore, Dv cam


At Barra, an eastern suburb of Naples, a group of middle school teachers participates at the governmental project “Chance”. This project involves kids no longer on the school lists, who haven’t finished mandatory school. Kids that play trump, denounced by the a Procura of the Repubblic, expelled or failures. “Chance” isn’t an ordinary school: there are no classroom tests, no interrogations, no bells, and, above all no votes. There’s the “Spassatiempo” (leasure) classroom where the kids have breakfast, assemblies, they hide out during their bad moments. There are the four teachers of the project who follow the pupils in the corridors, they convince them to take part in lessons, they each them to read and write. Giovanni has been denounced and expelled from the secondary school he frequented because he beat-up his teacher. During the first months “Chance” has become a point of reference for the students. Luigi can never sit still, but when he works on his nativity scene he never stops. Francesco and Simona chase each other and beat each other up. Gemma and Rosaria never used to go to school, but they come to “Chance” nearly every day. Mario, an ex-student of the project, today is a talented carpenter and, once a week, goes back to “Chance” to teach the kids to work wood. It is Christmas time and the kids receive their special report. Some pocket money, between forty and seventy thousand lira, based on their presences, their attention span and the damage they have done. A Report they can proudly show their parents.


Subject Daniele Di Biasio, Andrea D'Ambrosio
Photography Luca Alzani
Editor Giulio Testa
Sound Max Gobiet
Sound Editor Daniela Bassani
Organization Irene Bartolomeo
Production Supervisor Francesca Cima
Produced by Eyescreen, Indigo Film, Pablo Film
Producers Nicola Giuliano, Gianluca Arcopinto for Pablo Film, Andrea Occhipinti for Eyescreen Distribution Lucky Red


Fiorella Picecchi
Anna La Rocca
Rita Iannazzone
Annamaria Torre
Cesare Moreno
Giovanni Penza
Francesco Lanza
Vincenzino Santoro
Luigi Mauro
Lello Conte
Antonio Di Masi
Salvatore Ascione
Francesco D’angelo
Benito Ascione
Mariarca Notturno
Rosaria Corvo
Gemma D’ambrosio
Maria Coppola
Simona Nocerino


XXI Sulmonacinema Miglior Regia
MedFilmFestival Premio Unisco
Torino Film Festival Premio Cipputi, Menzione Speciale Doc


20 Torino Film Festival
Libero Bizzarri Documentary Film Festival
Rassegna Noches Italianas di Madrid
VII Roma Film Festival
XXI Sulmonacinema