by Enrico Parenti

  • Documentaries
  • Production year 2020
  • Length 78’ min.
  • Genre Documentary
  • Release Date 2021


In June 2020, just after the lockdown has ended, after all of Italy, like the whole world, was suspended. waiting to be able to return to normal, Rome Opera House decides to give a concrete signal of the reawakening: by producing the first and only new opera scheduled in Europe for summer 2020.

The choice falls on Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto. The direction is entrusted to Damiano Michieletto, an established auteur with an extraordinary visionary talent.

The challenge is enormous: there is only one month available to set up the show and the limits imposed by the anti-Covid protocol are many, above all, ensuring distancing between the singers and dancers on stage. An idea is needed. Michieletto imagines a staging with a double point of view, one on to a 1,500-square-metre stage and then that of the Steadicam operators who follow the staging as though part of it and who send back the images and actions of the artists on to a big screen, giving life to a film edited live. Will it work?

As the days go by quickly, between rehearsals at Cinecittà, at the Opera House and at the Circus Maximus, we discover Damiano Michieletto’s visceral approach in directing the actors and the construction, from within, of his direction, the passion that Daniele Gatti instils in the orchestra, the meaning and importance of one of the most loved and performed operas in the world, the euphoria of an entire sector, that of live entertainment, which for the first time, after three months of paralysis, finally returns to live.

Rigoletto 2020 by Enrico Parenti is the story of this adventure.


Written and directed by   ENRICO PARENTI


Editing assistant    MARCO RIZZO

Director of photography  LUCA GENNARI

Sound engineer   ANDREA OPPO

Sound editing      FEDERICO CABULA


Financial management   STEFANO D’AVELLA

General organiser  RAMONA DI MARCO

Production delegates  CAROLINA IORIO

                                              ELISABETTA PIERETTO

Executive producer   VIOLA PRESTIERI

Produced by    INDIGO FILM

In collaboration with   ROME OPERA THEATER

In collaboration with   RAI CINEMA                             

Produced by    NICOLA GIULIANO
                              FRANCESCA CIMA
                              CARLOTTA CALORI



Damiano Michieletto e Daniele Gatti

e con
(in ordine alfabetico)

Iván Ayón Rivas

Martina Belli

Alessandro Carletti

Leo Paul Chiarot

Gianluca Cataldo

Irida Dragoti

Paolo Fantin

Rosa Feola

Matteo Ferrara

Roberto Frontali

Carlo Fuortes

Roberto Gabbiani

Agostino Granati

Eleonora Gravagnola

Sergio Lastella

Angela Nicoli

Pietro Picone

Giordano Punturo

Filippo Rossi

Gabriele Sagona

Luca Salsi

Marika Spadafino

Carla Teti

Chiara Vecchi

Alessio Verna

Alessio Vlad

Riccardo Zanellato

e i mimi

Cristina Da Villanova

 Deborah Frittelli        

Laura Ghirardi           

Roberta Guerrini       

  Carolina Sisto

Gioia Vicari   

Renato Capalbo         

 Costantino Imperatore          

 Salvatore Maio          

 Alessandro Onorati   

 Pietro Rebora

 Renato Tognocchi     

e con     

L’Orchestra e il Coro del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma         



2021 Rome Film Festival