Stolen Days

by Guido Lombardi

  • Film
  • Production year 2019
  • Length 105’ min.
  • Format 4K, DCP


Salvo, eleven, lives with his relatives in Trentino. The day of his First Communion, while he is playing soccer with his friends, a man shows up unexpectedly on the field. It’s his father Vincenzo. Salvo barely recognizes him. It’s been in fact seven years since the last time he saw him, when two policemen took him from their home in Puglia. Now that Vincenzo is out of prison he wants to spend a few days with his son, and sets on a trip with him towards the South. During this journey across Italy, full of memories and encounters, Salvo will learn to get to know his father but he will also have to deal with his secrets and his past.


Director Guido Lombardi
Story Guido Lombardi
Awarded with the Premio Solinas Storie per il Cinema 2007
Screenplay Luca De Benedittis
Marco Gianfreda
Guido Lombardi
Director of Photography Daria D'antonio
Editing Marcello Saurino
Music composer Giordano Corapi
Musical editions Indigo Film
Set design Eugenia Fernanda Di Napoli
Costume designer Nicoletta Taranta
Sound Daniele Maraniello
Sound editing Marta Billingsley, Dario Calvari
Production supervisor Rocco Messere
Executive producer Antonio Alessi For Bronx Film
Executive producer Viola Prestieri
Co-Produced by Santo Versace, Gianluca Curti
Produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Carlotta Calori, Gaetano Di Vaio
An Indigo Film Production
With Rai Cinema
And Minerva Pictures
With the support of Mibac - Direzione Generale Cinema
With the support of Regione Puglia - Por Puglia Fesr-Fse 2014/2020
With the support of Apulia Film Commision
With the contribution of Regione Campania
With the collaboration of Trentino Film Commission
With the Support of Regione Lazio Fondo Regionale per il Cinema e l'audiovisivo
Distribution Vision Distribution
International sales True Colors


Riccardo Scamarcio
Massimo Popolizio
Augusto Zazzaro
Giorgio Careccia
Vanessa Scalera
Carlo Cerciello
Rosa Diletta Rossi
Leandra Concetta Fili
Katia Fellin
Mily Cutrera Di Montesano
Christoph Hulsen
Giuseppe Cristiano
Michele Capuano

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