by Laetitia Colombani

  • Film
  • Production year 2024
  • Genre Drammatico
  • Release Date June 20th 2024


India. Smita is an ‘untouchable’. She dreams of giving her young daughter an education and will do anything to make it happen. Smita then makes an important decision: to leave everything and head south in search of a better lot. Italy. Giulia works in the family-owned waterfall workshop owned by her father. Following a serious accident in which her father is involved, Giulia discovers that the family business is on the rocks. Canada. Sarah is a successful lawyer. When she is about to be promoted to head the firm, she discovers that she has breast cancer….

Bound unknowingly by what they hold most precious, Smita, Giulia, and Sarah rebel against the fate that has been assigned to them and decide to fight back, unwittingly weaving a web of hope and solidarity.