by Stefano Mordini

  • Film
  • Production year 2020
  • Length 90’ min.
  • Release Date 15 July, 2020


A remake of the successful French film with the same title, Gli Infedeli is an episodic movie that in style and tone is inspired by the tradition of Italian comedy.

Through five short stories, the love vicissitudes of five men, each grappling with wives, girlfriends, lovers, are recounted. An irreverent and amused, but also little bitterish look at love.


Director Stefano Mordini
Screenplay Filippo Bologna, Riccardo Scamarcio, Stefano Mordini
Photography Luigi Martinucci
Editing Massimo Fiocchi
Music Massimo Nunzi
Indigo Film music editions
Set Design Luca Merlini
Costumes Camilla Giuliani
Sound live grip Franceso Liotard
Casting Francesco Vedovati (aic)

Produced by Riccardo Scamarcio, Nicola Giuliano, Viola Prestieri
Co-produced by Paolo Ansaldi, Lebowski, Indigo Film, HT Film
With Rai Cinema
In association with 102 DIstribution, Mars Films, Black Dynamite Films, JD Productions
With the support of Regione Lazio
Regional Film and Audiovisual Fund Netflix Distribution

Translated with (free version)


Valerio Mastandrea Riccardo Scamarcio
Laura Chiatti Valentina Cervi
Marina Fois Euridice Axen 
Massimiliano Gallo Alessia Giuliani