TV Slum

by Angelo Loy

  • Documentaries
  • Production year 2003
  • Length 57’ min.
  • Format DV


Ndjoroge is twentytwo years old, he sleeps in the discharge and tries desperately to save some money to go and find his mother  Kiki, an ex-champion of martial arts, e dreams about rehabilitating a group of street kids through the discipline of Tae Kwon Do. Margareth no longer has her hut, demolished by bulldozers on the eve of her wedding, and now she has to sleep out in the open…. “TV SLUM, small African directors” is a film entirely filmed by eight Nairobi street kids, the result of three months of work between the shanty towns of the Kenyan capital. A multitude of expressions looks into their shots to describe these epic street stories, denounce injustices and sing he joy of their existence. In the hands of the kids the camera represented isn’t only a means of knowledge and denounce, but it becomes an original.


Director Angelo Loy
Subject Giulio Cederna, Angelo Loy
In collaboration with John Muiruri
Editor Aline Hervè
Production Amref, Fandango
In association with Indigo Film
In collaboration with Tele+
Executive Producers Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano


Video&Digital Best Picture
African Cine Week Audience Award
Mediterraneo Video Festival Special Mention
4FF Special Mention


Bellaria Film Festival
Roma Film Festival
African Cine Week
Mediterraneo Video Festival
Premio Libero Bizzarri - DOC Film Festival

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