Afraid of the Dark (Bruises)

by Massimo Coppola

  • Film
  • Production year 2010
  • Length 95’ min.
  • Format 35mm


Eva – 20 years old, sweet and proud like a nouvelle vague heroine – leaves a factory in Bucharest.
For the last time. Her contract has not been renewed and she decides the time has come to leave. Her aim is Melfi, a godforsaken town in the South of Italy, famous for its FIAT factory that divides the fields like a scar running between farming and post-industrial civilisations.
Having been put up by Anna, a girl of the same age who works at FIAT, Eva starts to follow a group of women, then selects two of them, and, eventually, just one. Eva becomes her shadow, she observes her every movement, she knows her habits and routines.
Eva decides to confront her prey in a dramatic face-to-face meeting, a game of cat-and-mouse in which Eva is, at the same time, both pitiless torturer and defensceless victim.
Eva and Anna are close, free at last: but if Eva has completed her journey, Anna’s is only just beginning…


Director Massimo Coppola
Story and Screenplay Massimo Coppola
Director of photography Daria D’antonio
Film Editor Cristiano Travaglioli
Set Designer Paolo Bonfini
Costume Designer Roberta Nicodemo
Sound Engineer Emanuele Cecere
Sound Editor Riccardo Spagnol
Line Producer Gennaro Formisano
Assistant Director Berenice Vignoli
Casting Director Barbara Braconi
Executive Producer Viola Prestieri
Associate Producer Carlotta Calori
Produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima
A Production Indigo Film
In collaboration with Bim Distribuzione
In association with Mtv Italia
With the contribution of M.I.B.A.C.T. - Direzione Generale per il Cinema
With the support of  Media Programme of the European Union
Distribuited by Bim


Alexandra Pirici
Erica Fontana
Antonella Attili
Alfio Sorbello
Manrico Gammarota
Lia Bugnar
Andra Bolea
con Marcello Mazzarella
e con Angela Goodwin


67 Venice International Film Festival Special Mention Fedic Prize
Annecy Festival du Cinéma Italien Prix d'interprétation Féminine


67 Venice International Film Festival - Critics' Week
Annecy Festival du Cinéma Italien
The Times BFI Film Festival
Pusan International Film Festival
Festival du Cinéma Italien de Villerupt
Cinema Mediterraneen Montpellier
Istanbul Italian Film Festival
BIF&ST-Bari International Film&Tv Festival
Festival International du film d'amour de Mons
Gallio Film Festival
Bimbi Belli
Dakino International Film Festival
Festival de Cine Italiano de Madrid

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