La regola del Contemporaneamente

by Massimo Coppola

  • Documentaries
  • Production year 2003
  • Length 28’ min.
  • Format DV Cam / Colore


On the island of San Pietro – a 20 minute ferry ride from the south-west coast of Sardegna – every evening, when the sun sets the children meet in the main square of Carloforte (the only town on the island) to play foot: a sort of medival tournament in which the children, standing immobile in a circle, challenge each other with false moves and fast spurts. The game works by eliminations and consists in trying to touch one of the members of the opposite team with your foot. The portrait of the game is the climax of the documentary which – through the images of the place, the testimonies of the elderly and those of the very children who take part in the game – wants to bring awareness to a local, social and psychological reality, unique and fascinating.


Camera Matteo Bonifazio, Bruno Pappalettera
Editor Giogiò Franchini
Sound Roberto Greco
Sound editor Silvia Moraes
Organization Michela Giovinetti, Chiara Cordaro
Production INDIGO FILM


Primo premio Ateneapoli - Napoli Film Festival


First Prize Ateneapoli at theNapoli Film Festival.
Presented at the Terminale Cinema of Prato.
Selected at the Frontiere Film Festival, Empirica.
selected at the Clorofilla Film Festival.
Selected at thel Bellaria Film Festival, documentary section.
Selected at theDocumentary Festival “Libero Bizzarri”.
Credits not contractual

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