Via dell’ Esquilino

by Daniele Di Biasio

  • Documentaries
  • Production year 2005
  • Length 48’ min.
  • Format Dv cam


Entering the Manin institute for the first time, one can feel disorientated. The thousands of students that go there are mainly migrants of all ages, races and religions. They have different stories, but the same will to learn Italian to communicate and get their secondary degree. Bahari is sixteen years old, he has just arrived from Bangladesh and doesn’t speak a word of Italian. He will overcome his uneasiness through small daily conquestsSangely is a Cingalese who studies because she wants to become a nurse. Their stories mingle between the school desks with those of Sardò, Afghan refugee, who arrived in Italy through Iran and Turkey, Adamo, a refugee from the Ivory Coast was a mechanic in his country, Laura, from Equador, brings her daughter Priscila and many others…


Director Daniele Di Biasio
Story Daniele Di Biasio, Rossana Garau, Rita Laganà
Organization Filippo Pichi, Paola Pegoraro, Carlotta Calori
Photography Sonia Antonini
Live sound Ignazio Vellucci
Editor Giulio Testa
Sound editor Riccardo Spagnol
Music Augustin "Bixas" Biziman
Production Indigo Film
Produced by Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano


Gli studenti dell'istituto Manin


Genova Film Festival Special mention
Bologna "Visioni Italiane” Film Festival (Session Visioni Doc) Special mention


Tek film festival
Genova film festival
Bologna “Visioni Italiane” Film Festival
Milan Filmmaker Film Festival - Doc 10

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